Monday, October 08, 2007

Tender Moments

...are fleeting in this household

The other night I was snuggling with Isaac at bedtime. He loves to cozy up to Jeremiah or me as we lay in his bed "for one minute" upon his request. I was ready to leave his room and so I told him that I loved him. He rolled over to look me in the face as he stated, "I love everyone."

He looked so sweet in the dim light of the Spiderman night-light. "That's because you're a good kid."

"No, it's because I'm full of love!" he beamed.

The beginnings of tears started to well in my eyes. I looked at him cherishingly, realizing what a blessing he's been to me. "You are so special!" I told him.

It was quiet for a second and then Isaac thoughtfully proclaimed, "Your face looks like a car."