Monday, April 22, 2013

Birds and the Bees...

And the horses in the seas?

Isaac and I were in the car on Saturday going grocery shopping.  Somehow the topic of Isaac one day becoming a father came up.  I was surprised when I heard him say, "I don't want to have kids."

"You don't?" I questioned.

"Well, I don't want to make kids," he responded.

Thinking this might be a good segue to the dreaded s-e-x-talk I asked him, "Do you even know how to make kids?"

When he answered,"I'll leave that to the woman," I knew we were talking on two different planes.  (No playground information exchange here.). When he continued, "All I know is 'Push!'" I understood that his idea of making a baby was what the rest of us would consider delivering a baby.

"Well," I explained, "men don't have the kids, Isaac.  Only women have to push out babies."

"Not seahorses.  The dads have baby seahorses."

"Are you a seahorse?"

"We'll, I sometimes think of myself as a horse that originated in the sea."

Friday, April 19, 2013

Living the Life

The other night I attended a Relief Society dinner.  Anyone who knows me knows that if an event involves food, I'll be there, so it was no shock to anyone that I was one of the first to get out of my chair after the blessing on the food and get myself in line for dinner.  I strategically placed myself in the line closest to the dessert tables which were nearly overflowing with beautiful glass dishes piled to the top with trifles.  Unable to constrain myself, or rather, not caring to, I went ahead and dished myself up some of those heavenly desserts as I stood in line for the main course.  Several ladies noticed and commented that I had the right idea...yet no one followed suit.  Each of them looked longingly at the desserts on the tables and somewhat enviously at my plate already endowed with the sugary greatness, and a little awed at my forwardness in helping myself.

Perhaps it was a slight breach of etiquette, maybe not the most lady-like behavior...but I tell you what; after those taco salads were consumed women were flocking to those dessert tables, circling like vultures!  I kind of giggled as I noticed some women who had commented on my plate earlier load up their dessert bowls with what was obviously what they had truly been looking forward to eating.

Fast forward to today...I got up this morning wishing it was a Saturday.  Our whole family was up late last night playing at Gammie and Bucka's before Luke and Janelle head back to PA so no one was quite ready to get out of bed this morning.  I let the kids sleep in a little and then drove them to school.  Since then I've had a bit of difficulty feeling motivated to do a whole lot.  When I finally made it to the shower I remembered several mornings back in my working-outside-the-home-on-someone-else's-schedule days when I woke up wishing I could just spend the day in pajamas.  So after getting cleaned up I decided to put on pajamas.  Even though I am babysitting today...even though I taught a piano lesson today...even knowing that I would probably be having someone come to the door today.  Yes, I taught piano in pajama pants and a mismatched t-shirt.  I answered the door with disheveled hair and zero make-up.

I guess my point is...I ate dessert first, I let another see that I am lazy some days.  And I'm okay with it.  I'm not ashamed.  It hasn't negatively impacted anyone's life.  In fact, noticing that I've had these opportunities (and YES! they are opportunities) makes me feel truly blessed.

It's been said that when you know you're near death you regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did do.  I truly know of a woman who, while lying on her death bed, lamented that she rarely ate dessert.  I may die with regrets, but that will certainly not be one of them.  And I hope I die wearing my comfiest, coziest jammie jams because that, to me, is a life worth living...the life that's been truly enjoyed!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cast Him In to the Dark Ages

Tomorrow is the first day of literacy week and although Isaac loves to read he is also very fond of playing electronic games.  All of my boys love them so much in fact that we've had to turn the Wii into a weekend privelege.  That has become a privelege to which they truly look forward.

The advent of literacy week has sent Isaac into a tailspin.  Apparently he was on track to conquer Lego Batman 2 this weekend and with literacy week comes the challenge to abstain from TV and video games.  He left for school in tears this morning at the realization that his video gaming would be delayed for a WHOLE WEEK!

He renewed the topic when he got home from school.  Isaac's spirit had sunk even lower upon learning that the lamp for our TV burnt out this morning bringing on the whole sad affair one day early.  When he told me that iPads were included in the challenge it got to be more an he could bear.  I told him that it wouldn't be all that bad for him to have a week away from electronics to which he responded, "Can we still use our alarm clocks or do we have to buy a rooster?"

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Maybe This Year I'll Write One

My husband gave me a Kindle for my 31st birthday and I have absolutely loved having it.  I had forgotten how much I truly enjoy reading and this little device rekindled (pun only partially intended)  my love for that hobby.  I suppose that had I actually made any New Year's resolutions for 2012 it would have been to read more, specifically classics and literature.  Now as I begin 2013 I'm happy to report that that is a resolution I actually kept, or would have, again, had I actually made it.

So just for kicks I shall list all the books I read last year...mostly because I'm curious.  (Also, some of the books I read only because they were free, don't judge me.)

Book of Mormon
Golden Lies
Stuck in the Middle
The Scarlet Letter
Pride and Prejudice
Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility
Mansfield Park
Jane Eyre
Awaken His Eyes: The Awakened Book One
Paths of Destruction: The Awakened Book Two
Hands to Make War: The Awakened Book Three
A Confederacy of Dunces
The Secret Garden
Les Miserables
Atlas Shrugged

If I've done my math correctly that means I've read  just over 7000 pages, which, now that i think about it, doesn't sound like a whole lot.  But if you factor in all the laundry and dishes I did last year as well, not to mention potty training a certain stubborn toddler, I suppose it's quite a feat.

So farewell, 2012, I hereby dub thee "The Year Mightier Than the Sword."