Friday, March 31, 2006

My 3 Best Friends

As I've said before, I have a hard time making new friends. I generally like almost everyone when I first meet them but I think the problem enters when the other person actually has to like me back. Anyway, when I meet people I have a hard time knowing what kind of "get-to-know-you" questions are appropriate and not nosey. And also I have to gauge what they think of me before I can start making fun of them, which is my way of letting someone know I like 'em.

There have been only three instances in my life where I made an immediate, lasting friend. Each time that I made one of these friends someone had to step out of their comfort zone and just stick themselves out there.

Friend #1 - Alisha. Alisha and I went to high school together. I first met her in choir class. She came and introduced herself to me while the teacher was in her office and the class had some down time. I was surprised that someone would choose to talk to me out of an entire room full of people. But we were instantly friends and have been ever since. So thank you Alisha for looking for the "lonely" girl in the classroom and being her friend.

Friend #2 - Katie. Kate and I met in the summer of 1998, we were placed in the same "city" at Girl's State. Now the fact that I was even at Girl's State was a miracle. First of all, I knew very little about government. Secondly I had to compete for a spot against not only girls in my own school, but 3 surrounding schools as well. I decided that I would just open up and sell myself and somehow that landed me a spot at Girl's state. Well, on the first day when we arrived in Nampa, we all loaded onto a bus and rode into Boise to the Capital. By the time we got to the Capitol, Kate and I were friends. And I know she's a true friend because she still talks to me, even after the "toothbrush incident," (and the reenactment of said incident.) Thanks Kate.

Friend #3 - Jeremiah. After a few years of not making any new friends I decided once again to break out of my shell and meet new people. I had just finished my first year of college - okay, okay, my only year of college - when I moved home and started attending a singles ward. Pretty soon there was an overnight activity coming up but none of my "friends" were going. I really wanted to go and so I had to get over my fear of not knowing anyone by making it a point to try and get to know someone. So I went without the backup of already having friends attending and ended up riding in the same car as one of Jeremiah's best friends in high school. And I also got to meet my future brother-in-law, Joey.

Jeremiah was not at this outing. In fact his parents were with him at the time traveling all over New Zealand just before bringing him home from his mission. But because I went, I met Joey, and because I met Joey, I met Jeremiah and he has been my bestest friend and also has been lucky enough to call himself my husband. (Can you believe he thinks he is the lucky one? We'll let him figure it out.)

So the numbers may be few, but in this case, quality definitely outwieghs quantity. Not to mention I have a family full of people I consider my friends. And I wouldn't be me without any of you.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Proper Nutrition according to Dad

Jeremiah and I were sitting on the couch enjoying a few Oreos. As I went to dunk my cookie, I noticed that Kenley was sharing our snack.
I looked at Jeremiah as if to say where did Kenley get the cookie? Jeremiah read my mind and answered with a defeated shrug, "She took it from me." I'm still explaining to him that he is larger and stronger than she is and he could have confiscated that Oreo quite easily.

But Kenley quite enjoyed the cookie and we got a good laugh about her chocolate covered face. Too bad we don't have a better camera to capture it!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Grr-arr Baby!

My baby growls. I don't know where she learned it, but it is the most common sound in her communication. It is closely followed in frequency by the raspberry.

It makes me laugh because I think of when Isaac was a baby and he had this high-pitched coo. He even sounded a little bit - forgive me Isaac - girly.

Now I have this beautiful little girl all dressed in bows and lace and she growls and spits.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Do All Right

Sometimes I wonder if I spend enough time with my kids. I mean I know I'm home with them all day, but am I really sharing my time with them? When I sit and think of how I've spent my time my day is often filled with housecleaning, running errands and the like. I know I've sat down and done a puzzle with Isaac, but did I give him the attention he really needs?

As a mother it's hard to find balance between finding time for the needs of the household, the needs of your children, the needs of your huband, and your personal needs. I know my mom usually put her own needs last, and maybe that's what it takes to be a great mother.

But last night as it was nearing bedtime I found Isaac having a battle between his Spiderman toothbrush and his Batman toothbrush. Their conversation went something like this:

Spiderman: Pya! Pya! (kick! kick!)...did I hurt you Batman?

Batman: Yeah.

Spiderman: I'm very sorry.

Batman: It's okay.

Spiderman: I'll kiss it better...Kiss.Kiss.

It was then that I interrupted and put Isaac in his jammie-jams and we brushed his teeth and went to his bed. I asked Isaac if we should pray, he answered by folding his arms and bowing his head. Then he helped me say prayers.

As we read a book, Isaac whispered the words along with me as I read them. After turning out the light he requested we sing "butterfly song", My Heavenly Father Loves Me. As I sang I was surprised to hear his sweet little voice singing all the words along with me:

Whenever I hear the song of a bird
Or look at the blue, blue sky,
Whenever I feel the rain on my face
Or the wind as it rushes by,
Whenever I touch a velvet rose
Or walk by our lilac tree,
I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world
Heav'nly Father created for me.

He gave me my eyes that I might see
The color of butterfly wings.
He gave me my ears that I might hear
The magical sound of things.
He gave me my life, my mind, my heart:
I thank him reverently
For all His creations, of which I'm a part.
Yes, I know Heav'nly Father loves me.

At the conclusion of the song I emphasized that Heavenly Father does love Isaac, to which he promptly replied, "And Jesus loves Isaac." I kissed him goodnight, told him I loved him, and closed the door and realized I may not spend every moment of everyday with Isaac, but I do all right. He has a tender heart and is being taught the thing every child needs to know the most: he is loved.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Foreign Language - "Kenley" - 101

Kenley has developed her communication skills and speaks in a rare and complex dialect of baby talk. It begins by sounding a lot like other babies - "Aaaah". And then it turns into a very throaty growl. Next her lips press together to form a raspberry and she tops it all off with the appearance of her tongue. All movements are very fluid as each one flows into the next seamlessly. (Try it, it's not so easy!)

All steps of this process are continually repeated making one think that she is simply saying the same word over and over. However, we believe that releasing varying amounts of saliva could be the differentiating factor between words. Also, eyebrows must be raised and lowered throughout. I can only imagine the profound thoughts my 5-month old is trying to convey, but as I said, it's very complex.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Endurance Test

Kenley likes to work her abs by lifting her head, arms, shoulders and legs up off the floor and hold that position for about a minute at a time. It makes me tired just watching her. We put Uncle Luke to the test to see who would last longer. Kenley won, but Luke put up quite a fight.

He Knows

All I ever wanted,
All I ever dreamed of,
Everything I hoped,
And all the things I prayed for
Couldn't hold a candle
To what I've been given;
I've been given what I need.
(Michael Mclean)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What You Probably Already Know

Another round of Getting to Know You

4 Jobs you have had in your life.
1. Cashier at a garden center
2. Senate Page for the state of Idaho
3. Hostess/Busser/Cashier for three different restaurants
4. Temp work for the Idaho National Laboratory

4 Movies you could watch over and over
1. Maverick
2. A Knight's Tale
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. Just Like Heaven

4 Places you've lived in your life
1. Firth, Idaho
2. Middleton, Idaho
3. Idaho Falls, Idaho
4. To Be Determined

4 TV Shows that you love to watch
1. Lost
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. My Name is Earl
4. The Office

4 Places that you've been on vacation
1. Acapulco, Mexico
2. Sacramento, CA
3. Washington D.C.
4. Las Vegas, NV

4 Websites you visit daily - All are included in the links
1. Yahoo mail
2. This blog and Kate's blog
3. Homestarrunner
4. Stupid Videos

4 of your favorite foods
1. A fresh turkey sandwich with avocado and tomato
2. Cheesecake - I'm getting really good at making them!
3. Anything with pasta
4. Americanized Mexican food - the cheesier the better!

4 Places you'd rather be right now
1. With Jeremiah - wherever
2. Sitting down to a meal with my family - family and food, my favorites!
3. Visiting friends in Rupert or Oakton, VA
4. On the stage of American Idol listening to Simon Cowell praise my singing abilities (in another dimension, of course)

4 things people might not know about you
1. I have a really hard time making new friends
2. It's my dream to sing the National Anthem at any sporting event - even Little League would work
3. I have a guitar in my closet that I'd love to learn how to play, but I'm putting it off because I'm afraid I won't be able to do it well
4. I love to sing

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Boy and his Dog...or Daddy

My mom sent me this picture titled a boy and his dog. Isaac was in the room as I was viewing it and he got very excited as he exclaimed, "Ohhhh! Mommy, it's Isaac...and Daddy!"

Jeremiah maintains that Isaac thinks himself a K-9.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Too tough

I remember as a child that I would watch the same movie over and over until I had every single line and song memorized. Now that I'm a mother I realize how truly annoying that must have been!

Isaac seems to choose a new favorite every week or so. And he too wants to watch it several times daily. This week's top pick is Cinderella.

Now some mothers might get a little concerned that their two-year old boy is so into a Disney Princess movie, but I'm not worried. He mans it up by calling it "Cinda-gorilla."