Monday, September 20, 2010

In a Dirty Glass

I read once that rats can live indefinitely on eggs - Jack could live indefinitely on milk.

Some people wake up and need their morning cup of coffee - Jack needs his sippy full of milk before his day can officially start. When he's ready for breakfast it had better be served with a second cup full of milk. Sometimes I tell him he has to eat before he can have more milk and he always asks for cereal - because you pour milk on cereal.

We buy 3 gallons of milk a week and Jack is the only one who drinks it straight up.

Patience is non-existent when Jack needs his milk. It doesn't matter what you're doing because he'll bring the cup and an entire gallon of milk to you. Even if it means you're pouring it for him in the bathroom because you are...uh...occupied.

His love for milk is so intense that we've actually grounded him from it as a punishment. It's one of the few things that really gets to him.

There is one sweet thing about Jack's little love affair; Jack rubs his hair while he drinks milk from his sippy. He can be one big stinker around the house. He's tough, he likes to rough house and he gets into mischeif. But stick a sippy of milk in his hands, set him on your lap and you have yourself a sweet little three-year old.

Yes, Jack loves milk. It does his body good.

This message (should be) sponsored by the United Dairymen of Idaho.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dark Mood

I am so tired of feeling second-rate. If I'm not good enough for you leave me out of your life completely. I don't just want to be here when you need me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On To Your Next Adventure

Thanks for the memories, Grandpa. We love you and will miss you. Until we meet again...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In Which We All Lost Our Stomachs

This morning has been a doozy. The stomach flu has at last been forwarded to our address and it has held nothing back. It first found me Friday and has made a stop with each member of our household over the last few days.

I would have to say that I am thankful it hit me first. Jeremiah stayed home from work and took care of me and assumed the role of housewife for a day. He put me to shame in accomplishing things around the house, but I'm so thankful he was home. I was able to get tons of rest - I just didn't realize I was charging up for what will forever be known as Barf-fest 2010 - Family Edition.

Sunday was Kenley's turn and she took the opportunity to let it all out during Primary. I just happened to be in the Primary as a last-minute substitute when all of a sudden I heard some kid cough/burp/vomit and looked up and realized it was my little multi-tasker. She left a trail all the way to the hallway bathroom. Fortunately she came home and watched TV for a couple of hours and then felt better.

Yesterday Jack walked up to me in a panic just as I had answered the phone. It was obvious he was about to puke and I was trying to rush him to the toilet bowl. He hit everything but that. He also insisted that he was done throwing up and kept moving around until he had to throw up again - all over his carpet.

Jeremiah spent the whole day cleaning our storage room and by the time we were ready to eat our late dinner his stomach was rolling. I advised him to stay near the toilet and wait until he felt better to eat. While Kenley, Isaac and I were eating he was retching (rather loudly) in the bathroom.

I sent Isaac to bed with a bowl and left the light on in his bathroom with the toilet lid wide open. Call it 'mother's intuition' or call it 'reading the writing on the wall' - either way he was going to puke, and I knew it. Unfortunately I didn't know that Kenley would - possibly for the first time ever - heed our instruction to close the lid after using the toilet so that the baby can't get into it, and so when Isaac made his dash for the toilet he hit the lid. The best part? This happened in the night, but Isaac didn't want to wake me, so he just let it sit there.

Then Jack insisted he felt okay this morning so I gave him milk - which he let turn into cheese in his stomach before projectile vomiting it all over my bed. To top it all off, both Kenley and Jack wet the bed (Jack's water-proof mattress pad happened to already be in the laundry) and while I was off to buy toilet bowl cleaner & Lysol Hewitt woke up, and according to Jeremiah, "He pooped up to his armpits."

Today's Facebook post:
Today I am thankful for hot running water, a washing machine, disinfectant spray, toilet bowl cleaner, a carpet shampooer and my mother...who only laughed a little.

I don't have such a charmed life today, do I, Mom?