Monday, April 18, 2011

Losing Your Mind Is Fun To Do

To do. To do. To do.

I'm blogging today not because I feel like I have a great post in mind but because I have a lot to do and I don't really know where to start.

April is always a crazy month for our family. This year is no exception other than it seems even busier. We had just finished a busy weekend and as I was sitting in church on Sunday I was thinking about the week ahead of me. I realized that each night, as well as the weekend, had already been claimed by one activity or another.

Monday: We always have FHE and Jeremiah's parents had invited us to a movie with them for family night. Also, freezer meal exchange.
Tuesday: The Young Women are having their spaghetti dinner and dessert auction fundraiser for Girl's Camp. I have a special interest in it this year because I get to go to Girl's Camp.
Wednesday: The kids and I have play practice. This day is our least packed.
Thursday: Now that Isaac's 8 we get to go to Pack Meetings plus I have a meeting for Girl's Camp.
Friday: Jack's birthday. We really need to do something fun for Jack. He was sick for a week and a half and then he's had a fat lip from chewing on it while numb from the dentist. This kid needs a break! Plus he's the one whose needs usually get pushed aside, I'll admit it. I'm also hoping that my company arrives this day. (Hint-hint, Katie!)
Saturday: Busy day! Hopefully we'll get the kids out for an Easter Egg hunt and Isaac and his cousin are being baptized. Plus I want to do something fun with our guests.
Sunday: Easter! I'm hoping that this will be a nice, relaxing day. If all goes well, all I'll have to do that day is lead the choir in Sacrament Meeting and make dinner. Oh, and teach R.S. (Almost forgot about that....)

As you can imagine, many of these activities for this week have associated to-do lists: Prepare freezer meals, make desserts for auction, practice lines, print lists, make phone calls, birthday shopping, cooking, planning, wrapping, find baptismal clothing, clean house, dye eggs, decide if Easter Bunny is coming, bake desserts for baptism, learn song, prepare get the idea. Plus there's all the daily stuff to do and a few projects that need finishing, like installing the downstairs toilet.

I'm kicking it all off really well by sitting here in my pajamas writing about it.

Hi! My name is Gwen and I've been meaning to tell you that I'm a procrastinator.