Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Got Bling!

She obviously hasn't heard of the "less is more" theory.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting to Know the Kids

Katie did this for her kids and I thought it was a great way to take a little snapshot of each of my kids. (Sorry for the post piracy, Kate.)

1. Something you do well.
I: "Eating mac & cheese"
K: "Four"
J: *Tugs at ear & yells*

2. Something you wish you could do better.
I: "Helping Jack"
K: "Happy"
J: *Pats table*

3. Your favorite food.
I: "Mac & cheese again"
K: "Mac & cheese"
J: *blinks*

4. 3 words that tell about you.
I: "Silly, goofy & happy"
K: "One, I'm two, three"
J: *Yells, puts fist in mouth & whines*

5. What makes you happy?
I: "Because you always just let me do good things"
K: "Three"
J: *Makes noises while pressing wrist to mouth*

6. The most important thing in your life right now.
I: "" (I appreciate that it was in the form of a question.)
K: "Three"
J: "ma ma ma ma" (SERIOUSLY!)

7. Your favorite movie.
I: "Aristocats!"
K: "Tats!"
J: *grins*

8. Your favorite book.
I: "Spider likes matching pairs" (He can read it by himself)
K: "Dog book"
J: *blank stare*

9. Your favorite thing.
I: "You making mac & cheese"
K: "Princess"
J: *scratches head and sighs*

10. Your favorite place to go.
I: "Grandma & Grandpa B's"
K: "Dora, Boots"
J: *Makes noises while pressing wrist to mouth*

11. Your favorite thing to draw.
I: "Scribbles"
K: "A washcloth"
J: *Bites fingers*

12. Something you want for Christmas.
I: "Two more 'Engine' Turtles"
K: "Crackers"
J: *bites thumb*

13. Your favorite color.
I: "Red & White"
K: "Mommy & Orange"
J: *smiles & rubs eyes*

14. What do you like to play?
I: "Like, shooting" (N64)
K: "Hullabaloo"
J: *cries*

15. What do you like to do when it's raining?
I: "Just stay home"
K: "Two"
J: *rubs eyes*

16. Your favorite animal:
I. "Ooh! That would be a elephant!"
K: "Bear"
J: *rubs nose and gazes across table*

Makin' the Rounds

Thanks to the ever-so-lovely-and-talented Tammy for tagging me for this post. (Although I'm not entirely certain if I'm correctly spelling your name.)

What is his name? Jeremiah

How long have you been married? Almost 7 years

How long did you date? 3 months before we were engaged, then 3 more until we were married

How old is he? 28

Who eats more sweets? Most certainly me

Who said I love you first? I think he did, although he phrased it, "I more than like you"

Who is taller? Jeremiah

Who can sing better? I can

Who is smarter? Depends on the subject, but overall, Jeremiah is smarter

Who does the laundry? Generally me, but he's always willing to help if I ask

Who pays the bills? Whoever earns the money - Jeremiah

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does, but sometimes I make him switch me in the middle of the night if I can't sleep - it's a handy little trick

Who mows the lawn? We take turns

Who cooks dinner? Me

Who drives? Usually Jeremiah

Who is more stubborn? I'm going to say matter what!

Who kissed who first? It was mutual

Who asked who out first? He asked me out, but I guess I helped arrange it

Who proposed? Jeremiah

Who has more siblings? I win by 1

Who wears the pants? Depends on the day

Now I'll tag Katie, Kari, Gina and Kelly!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To My Baby Boy

Oh, Jack. You're such a little cutie.

You started crawling on my birthday at my request. I thought that was awfully nice of you. However, I did not request that you start standing up (with or without furniture) so you can cut that out. And I mean it. Also, just forget about stairs, they're not as interesting as they seem.
I love to watch you play with Isaac and Kenley. They both adore you, which may be the single thing they have in common anymore. Isaac always asks to play with you and gets quite upset if he isn't allowed to do so. Kenley loves to see you and calls you "Jackers" and "Jack-Jack." They'll both put up with any abuse from you (i.e. pulling hair, slaps in the face, scratching...) that they would have a fit over if anyone else tried to do it to them. But from you, it's a laugh.
Your smile is contagious and most always spread across your plump little face. You make us all laugh with your throaty verbalizing skillz. I really don't know what your voice sounds like because you communicate through either a growl or a screech. You're a regular little animal!
You've cut 4 teeth in the last 2 months and you have another one coming in. You're not at all discouraged by the fact that your top teeth are barely poking through your gums and have no problem biting straight through a pretzel, which you love. In fact, you pretty much love all food which explains why you're not nursing as much anymore. You prefer a bottle most of the time, I think it gives you (and me) a bit more freedom. That is also very kind of you since I'm planning on being away for 3 days in May. You aims to please.
You've been kind of a difficult child for me. I guess I thought that since you are my third child I should know a little about being a mother. You're not a bad kid at all, but you've had a few more issues of concern than I'm used to. But I'm starting to get you figured out and I think you're starting to feel better as well.
You're my biggest baby (even though you're still "below the pink" on the national average) and I revel in your chubbiness. I love to grab on to your thick thighs and tickle them; you seem to enjoy it too. I love you so much and enjoy all that you bring to our family.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanks...I Think

Yesterday, after my shower, I walked into my closet to get dressed as both Kenley and Isaac were awake and in my room. I thought I had closed the door, but shortly after dropping my towel I felt a little poke on my posterior cheek and heard Kenley's mishievous voice, "Cute bumpy heads, Mom."

(I'm going to assume that "bumpy" is referring to the overall curve of my backside, and not several bumps indicative of cellulite - that will make me feel better.)