Friday, September 21, 2012


Hewitt: Mom, you be mermaid.  You be Areel.  I be Prince Eric.  I be Batman Price Eric.  You be Batman Areel.  We go fight bad guy Urswah.  C'mon!

Don't Blink or They'll Grow

After years of indecision Kenley decided that she was truly ready to brave getting her ears pierced.  It may have helped that Nana gave her the green light by putting up the green to have it done. I love the excitement and anticipation evidenced in this snapshot.
I got my ears pierced when I was four and I know I didn't cry.  But I was worried about Kenley because she has an intense fear of needles, even when they're being used on someone else.  I became especially nervous when there was already a girl on the chair getting hers done while we waited for Kenley's turn.  (I may have selfishly said a silent prayer that that girl wouldn't cry just so that we wouldn't have ventured into the mall with all the kids in tow for nothing.)  Luckily the girl didn't even flinch and I think that cinched up Kenley's courage and determination to get it done. 
She instantly looked older and more mature. She grew up right before my eyes.

And to prove that she was happy with the results she took several pictures of herself.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh Yes He Would

As parents we are trying to teach our children right from wrong and help them realize that while they are in charge of their own choices, they can't necessarily choose their consequences.  We've also tried to emphasize that Jesus Christ has been our best example of choosing the right and that we should try to be like him.

Jack seems to get into a lot of trouble.  I don't think he's a bad kid. 

Mischievous?  Yes. 

Bad?  No. 

He just acts without thinking.  After continually hearing us teach him about pleasing Heavenly Father by trying to be like Jesus he started calling us to task as well.  Anytime he'd receive a punishment he felt was unfair - so, you know, every punishment - he'd counter, "You're not being like Jesus."  I'll admit that it kind of stung the first few times because I really wasn't handling situations in the manner of our Savior.  So I began to agree and stated that we could both use some improvement.

One afternoon I had had enough of Jack and his misguided deeds.  He hadn't done anything terrible enough to warrant any serious punishment but I just needed a break.  My idea was to have him spend some time alone so that he could have a break as well.  I sat down with him and explained that he needed to go to his room until I had reinforcements Jeremiah got home.  "What time will Dad get home?" Jack asked.  When I answered that it would be about three hours after the current time Jack said, "Jesus doesn't put people in their room for 3 hours."  By this time the guilt of my parenting tactics being compared to Jesus had worn thin and then I remembered something.  Something wonderful. 

You want to know what I had in my back pocket that stunned my little stinker? 

"Let me tell you about a prophet named JONAH!"