Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At This Point, I Guess I'm the Baby

Well, tomorrow is the big day. People keep saying things like, "You must be excited!" The truth is, right now, I can't really wrap my mind around having another baby. It's like I expected to be perpetually pregnant and this whole "birth" thing seems like a surprise.

Perhaps it's because, so far, there have been no surprises. I'm not used to that. So the fact that I'm still pregnant at 38 weeks and that I have a date for the actual delivery is kind of foreign to me. On the one hand it's been nice to have a date to look forward to. However, I've still been on alert - paying attention to every contraction and carefully feeling for the baby's movements. I feel bad saying it, but I guess I feel a little let down. Not that I wanted that emergency, far from it, I've just been waiting for one because of my history.

I suppose what I'm feeling is a strange form of relief. I've been expecting the unexpected and I guess what I've been met with, in the end, really was unexpected - a full term pregnancy with no emergencies. At any rate, I'm sure all of this will be just mindless prattle tomorrow when I get to hold my new baby boy and see just how worth waiting for he's been.

Hmm, I just read through all that, it sounds a little depressing. Don't get me wrong. Our family has been praying that the baby would be healthy and full term. I truly feel that our prayers have been answered, for which I am immensely grateful. Today I am just feeling a lot of anxiety which, hopefully, will dissipate as the day progresses and I can focus on what tomorrow really means - another one of Heavenly Father's most valiant spirits will join our family and be encircled in our love.

Maybe it would help me if he had a name. :0)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

He's a Laugh a Minute

The other night Isaac wanted me to lay down by him before he went to sleep. Jeremiah and I had been to the hospital the night before because I'd had a false alarm with the baby. So Isaac and I were talking about when the baby really will come. I should have written this down sooner, because I can't really remember how the conversation went. All I remember is how it ended.

Isaac wanted to make sure that I could make it to the hospital as soon as I thought the baby was coming. When I assured him that I could he replied, "Good, 'cause we don't want all that gunk on our floor."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Open Letter

Target, you and I have always been friends. But today I hate you. Passionately.

I decided that after 6 years of longing for some kind of crib set that I should just go ahead and get it, even though this is probably my last baby. I HEART this crib set. It's on sale right now at and I have a gift card with a decent balance. So I went in to my local Target thinking that I could get the online sale price since it says "Find it at a Target Store" right beneath the "Add to Cart" button online. Then the cashier tells me that Target stores and are separate and that they cannot match the sale price. I was annoyed but figured that I could still buy it online, I would just have to wait for it to be shipped.

Then I got home and was all excited because the crib set was eligible for free shipping. So I logged in to my account and placed the coveted bedding in my shopping cart. I plugged in my gift card number and my credit card number for the remaining balance. And you know what? You wouldn't accept my gift card.

I called the 800-number on the card to double check that there was indeed a positive balance. Affirmative. So I entered the numbers online again. Still you refused.

I then called my local store to see if they had any inside information on how to make it work- such as chanting and swaying while entering the number in an effort to please the gift card gods- and was told that I should call and given another 800-number.

I was greeted by an automated female whom, honestly, I did not find pleasant at all. Perhaps it was because I was reaching the end of my rapidly fraying rope and I happened to find her fake pleasantry condescending. I pushed '1' several times navigating my way through a web of "if you have a question about"s and when I was finally connected with a live person she read me the following script, "Thank you for calling We're sorry, we are currently updating our system and are not available for assistance. If you have time, please call us later and maybe we'll get our frickin' act together and be able to provide you with some real assistance. You'd think that in this economy we'd be eager to make sure we get any and all the business we can, but we're morons. Thank you!" (At least, that's what I heard.)

So today, Target, I am looking at your bullseye logo and thinking of several unpleasant things to launch throw at it. I hope you "get your frickin' act together" before that bedding I want goes off sale. That would really not be good for our relationship.


Update: The reason the link won't work is because it went off sale the day after I posted this. Here's a link to the crib set that I may or may not ever have to surround my new baby.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Week of Destiny?

I'm a little bit nervous about my doctor appointment today. Today I am 36 weeks.

On my 36 week appointment with Isaac the doctor told me I had to deliver THAT DAY. They had been watching me for toxemia and my blood pressure had gone through the roof and my reflexes became very brisk. Isaac was delivered at 36 weeks, 2 days.

I made it past my 36 week appointment with Jack, but I went into labor that week and delivered him at 36 weeks, 5 days. When the doctor cut the incision for the C-section he said, "There's no water." I was a little drugged up and at the time didn't realize that meant there was NO AMNIOTIC FLUID. Don't know how much you know about pregnancy, but that amniotic fluid is pretty important.

Kenley is my only baby that didn't come pre-term. She's also my only girl. This baby is, of course, a that's why I'm nervous about this 36th week. So far everything is just as it should be. My blood pressure is fine, my weight gain is fine (although this is as big as I've ever been) and my doctor has taken extra precautions in checking the amniotic fluid levels. Really, I seem to be in good shape for this one.

Although I don't know that I'm really ready for a baby this week, I am mentally preparing for it purely based on my history. Nervous as I am though, I can't help but think I'll feel slighted if I make it clear to week 37. I'm hard to please.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wanna Be a Winner, Too?

Are you in need of some absolutely adorable and spooky Halloween decorations? Then be sure to enter the giveaway at the Polka-Dot Daisy! Tanielle always has super cute stuff, probably because she's super cute and can't possibly make anything ugly. Anyway, be sure to enter, but don't feel bad when I win...because I really want to win. ;^)

I'm a Winner!

A while ago a blog I like to stalk read was hosting a 'Special Bedtime Moments' contest sponsored by GoodNites. To enter you had to share a special bedtime moment, whether it was story, routine or tip. I shared this memory:

Observed one night at bedtime…

Isaac (4) and Kenley (1 1/2) stood before the sink brushing their teeth. He lifted his toothbrush to let the water run over it. Kenley lifted hers too, but was unable to reach the running water.

She looked at her big brother. Holding out her toothbrush she asked “P’ease?” Without a word Isaac took her toothbrush, held it under the water, then returned it to her hand.

“You,” came her abbreviated gratitude.

“You’re welcome,” he replied and they continued to brush their teeth together.

I sat there on the edge of the bathtub brushing my teeth, taking in the sweet exchange, so grateful for these beautiful kids.

Sometimes all is right with the world; I witnessed it from the edge of my bathtub.

I still remember that night, it was such a simple act of kindness but it really was sweet to witness; one of those moments that makes you realize how precious kids can be when they're not conspiring to make you go bald from pulling out your hair. Anyway, aside from being a precious memory it has now made me the winner of a $100 gift card to, a $50 gift card to Borders, a blanket, a bedtime journal for recording special bedtime moments and a tote in which to carry it all. Can we say, "Yahoo"?

Also, Jeremiah and I are going to a David Cook concert tonight because a fellow Seminary teacher won tickets off the radio but wasn't going to attend. Thanks, Gary!