Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Open Letter

Target, you and I have always been friends. But today I hate you. Passionately.

I decided that after 6 years of longing for some kind of crib set that I should just go ahead and get it, even though this is probably my last baby. I HEART this crib set. It's on sale right now at and I have a gift card with a decent balance. So I went in to my local Target thinking that I could get the online sale price since it says "Find it at a Target Store" right beneath the "Add to Cart" button online. Then the cashier tells me that Target stores and are separate and that they cannot match the sale price. I was annoyed but figured that I could still buy it online, I would just have to wait for it to be shipped.

Then I got home and was all excited because the crib set was eligible for free shipping. So I logged in to my account and placed the coveted bedding in my shopping cart. I plugged in my gift card number and my credit card number for the remaining balance. And you know what? You wouldn't accept my gift card.

I called the 800-number on the card to double check that there was indeed a positive balance. Affirmative. So I entered the numbers online again. Still you refused.

I then called my local store to see if they had any inside information on how to make it work- such as chanting and swaying while entering the number in an effort to please the gift card gods- and was told that I should call and given another 800-number.

I was greeted by an automated female whom, honestly, I did not find pleasant at all. Perhaps it was because I was reaching the end of my rapidly fraying rope and I happened to find her fake pleasantry condescending. I pushed '1' several times navigating my way through a web of "if you have a question about"s and when I was finally connected with a live person she read me the following script, "Thank you for calling We're sorry, we are currently updating our system and are not available for assistance. If you have time, please call us later and maybe we'll get our frickin' act together and be able to provide you with some real assistance. You'd think that in this economy we'd be eager to make sure we get any and all the business we can, but we're morons. Thank you!" (At least, that's what I heard.)

So today, Target, I am looking at your bullseye logo and thinking of several unpleasant things to launch throw at it. I hope you "get your frickin' act together" before that bedding I want goes off sale. That would really not be good for our relationship.


Update: The reason the link won't work is because it went off sale the day after I posted this. Here's a link to the crib set that I may or may not ever have to surround my new baby.


Alisha said...

It might be fate and you might not want to know, but when I clicked on the link to view the beloved crib set the target page loaded with this message: "There is no page matching your request."

It might be a sign to move on. May I be the first to offer my condolences.

K said...

No, no, no! Do not move on! Let's do psychotic drive-bys and then we can call the store and ask for the baby department and then breathe heavily on the line but not say anything. Don't let the crib set go! Breakups are the worst. I'm a true friend. I'll help you stalk Target till it decides it can't live without you.

Kari said...

I tried to look at it too and found the same message. Just post another link, I want to see your crib set. Don't give up either! Sometimes there are just those certain things that you HAVE to have and bedding is a good one. Good luck!!

Kari said...

SO CUTE! I hope it goes on sale again and that your stinkin' gift card will man-up and work.

I paid $100 for Jayci's bedding if it helps you to justify spending the money. ;)