Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm a Winner!

A while ago a blog I like to stalk read was hosting a 'Special Bedtime Moments' contest sponsored by GoodNites. To enter you had to share a special bedtime moment, whether it was story, routine or tip. I shared this memory:

Observed one night at bedtime…

Isaac (4) and Kenley (1 1/2) stood before the sink brushing their teeth. He lifted his toothbrush to let the water run over it. Kenley lifted hers too, but was unable to reach the running water.

She looked at her big brother. Holding out her toothbrush she asked “P’ease?” Without a word Isaac took her toothbrush, held it under the water, then returned it to her hand.

“You,” came her abbreviated gratitude.

“You’re welcome,” he replied and they continued to brush their teeth together.

I sat there on the edge of the bathtub brushing my teeth, taking in the sweet exchange, so grateful for these beautiful kids.

Sometimes all is right with the world; I witnessed it from the edge of my bathtub.

I still remember that night, it was such a simple act of kindness but it really was sweet to witness; one of those moments that makes you realize how precious kids can be when they're not conspiring to make you go bald from pulling out your hair. Anyway, aside from being a precious memory it has now made me the winner of a $100 gift card to, a $50 gift card to Borders, a blanket, a bedtime journal for recording special bedtime moments and a tote in which to carry it all. Can we say, "Yahoo"?

Also, Jeremiah and I are going to a David Cook concert tonight because a fellow Seminary teacher won tickets off the radio but wasn't going to attend. Thanks, Gary!

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K said...

Gwen, that is such a beautiful piece of writing! You deserved to win! And wahoo about the concert! Have a fantastic time!