Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Week of Destiny?

I'm a little bit nervous about my doctor appointment today. Today I am 36 weeks.

On my 36 week appointment with Isaac the doctor told me I had to deliver THAT DAY. They had been watching me for toxemia and my blood pressure had gone through the roof and my reflexes became very brisk. Isaac was delivered at 36 weeks, 2 days.

I made it past my 36 week appointment with Jack, but I went into labor that week and delivered him at 36 weeks, 5 days. When the doctor cut the incision for the C-section he said, "There's no water." I was a little drugged up and at the time didn't realize that meant there was NO AMNIOTIC FLUID. Don't know how much you know about pregnancy, but that amniotic fluid is pretty important.

Kenley is my only baby that didn't come pre-term. She's also my only girl. This baby is, of course, a boy...so that's why I'm nervous about this 36th week. So far everything is just as it should be. My blood pressure is fine, my weight gain is fine (although this is as big as I've ever been) and my doctor has taken extra precautions in checking the amniotic fluid levels. Really, I seem to be in good shape for this one.

Although I don't know that I'm really ready for a baby this week, I am mentally preparing for it purely based on my history. Nervous as I am though, I can't help but think I'll feel slighted if I make it clear to week 37. I'm hard to please.


Adrienne said...

I totally know what you are saying!! I had toxemia with the 2 boys and was term with my girl! Now I'm wondering what will happen with this boy. Good luck...whatever happens I hope all goes well for you!

tammy dixon said...

Hope all will be well no matter if he comes this week or in three.

K said...

You crack me up, Gwen. Hope you make it a little longer!

Goldie said...

Oh, wow, good luck with everything! How exciting!!!