Monday, March 14, 2011

The Day of Rest

I am the choir director for my ward. I'm also the 4th Sunday Relief Society Teacher. My husband is the Young Men's President and teaches the Teacher Improvement class during Sunday School. I have four kids, ages 7 and under, the youngest is just a couple weeks shy of (officially) attending nursery. On Sunday mornings my husband gets up and goes to meetings. I get the kids ready for church and (usually) make it on time. My husband can't always sit with our family because there aren't always enough deacons to pass the Sacrament. Then he usually has to stay after church for more meetings then heads to the hospital to help take the Sacrament to those who can't make it to church because of health reasons. When he gets home, I leave for choir practice. When I get home I throw together dinner and usually serve it to my husband in plastic storage containers so that he can eat it on his way to firesides, or whatever meeting is being held that night because, let's be honest, there's always some other meeting. I get the kids ready for bed while he's gone. When he gets home we have scripture study and family prayer then put the kids in bed.

I'm not patting myself on the back or saying that we're martyrs or anything like that. This truly is a typical Sunday at our house. We do it because we believe in the true church of Jesus Christ and because we have made covenants to do all that we can to give our time and talents to the building of the kingdom. So that is why, when I get home from church, make sure 4 kids get changed out of their church clothes, feed them lunch and then make phone calls to over 20 households to remind them about choir practice, I want to scream when I hear someone tell me they can't make it because choir is "during nap time."