Friday, October 01, 2010

One Year Ago...

-I was amazed that I had made it to my scheduled due date.
-I had my least stressful delivery ever.
-I was pleased at hearing "Six pounds" and moved to tears by hearing "1 ounce."
-I felt a great love for and from my Heavenly Father.
-I had no name for my new little baby.
-I admired the cute little cowlick on my baby's forehead.
-I was way over the initial (and short-lived) disappointment of having another boy.
-I felt a sense of completion.
-I wondered where Jeremiah and all the nurses were when I was trying to hold a nursing baby in one arm and a bag into which I was vomiting in the other.
-I had no idea that my new bundle of joy would bring so much joy into my life.
-I laughed at learning that when this little guy was hungry he snorted instead of crying.
-I didn't know that I wouldn't go through the sleep deprivation normally associated with newborns.
-I didn't know that my newest addition to the family would bring us all so close together, mostly in adoration of said addition.
-I couldn't see into the first year of his life and know how quickly it would pass, and how enjoyable it would be.
Happy Birthday, Hewitt! Thanks for joining the family. We love you!