Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the Light Turns On

After church we like to try and have the kids give us a recap about what they learned during Primary over dinner. Isaac was happy to share that he learned about 4 ways to communicate, "Ya know, revolution, computer, telephone and letters."

That's when Jeremiah and I gave each other blank stares, stifled laughter and then turned to Isaac, asking in unison, "Revolution?"

"Yeah, ya know...revolution?" He asks with a look of "DUH" streaming out of his eyeballs.

So Jeremiah asked, "Can you give me an example of revolution?"

Isaac, getting annoyed, pointed up and said, "Jesus!"

That's when the answer, and the irony, hit us both...REVELATION!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Have to Do This Again?

Jack is finally "excited" about wearing underwear and using the potty. So today we are officially beginning potty-training him. That also means that our carpet shampooer will get a steady workout over the next couple of months...I'm hoping weeks.

Wish me luck. And send me chocolate.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Did I Mention...

...that I had a baby?

I feel really terrible that he's nearly two weeks old and this is my fist post about our new addition. No excuse other than I've been enjoying him. How could I not...he only wakes up once a night and he's a sweetheart to boot! Hewitt Daniel was born October 1, weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce, and was 19 inches long. When the Dr. told me his weight I had to hold back tears! My 2 goals this pregnancy were to have a full term pregnancy and to have at least a six-pound baby. (Since both my boys were born in the 36th week and my largest baby up until now was 5 1/2 lbs.) I was very thankful to have reached both those goals.I was wondering how Jack would react to his arrival but he's been very accepting and excited. He always asks to hold the baby and will randomly blurt out, "I love the baby!" Jack pronounces the baby's name "Hoo-it," which I think is cute. Also, Jack is HUGE! Adding a baby really made the other kids seem grown up.

Isaac has kind of surprised me. He really loves holding Hewitt and gets upset if his turn gets cut short for any reason. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Isaac is really a cuddly kid. Hewitt's name means "little smart one" and Isaac had fun taking Smarties to his 1st grade class to share the news.
And of course Kenley thinks that having a baby in the house is wonderful. She claims she's magic when she holds the baby and he falls asleep. She's a great helper and thinks she is so grown up when she helps take care of Hewitt.
Here are the kids visiting the TV me at the hospital. They thought it was great laying in a movable bed while watching a TV mounted on the wall. No, they don't get out much. Why do you ask?
And there he is. I really have never had a baby that was this good so soon. I got up with him 3 times the first night, twice the second night and once a night ever since. He's up at about 3:30 AM and then he wakes up about 10-15 minutes before my alarm goes off, which is also nice because I can get him fed and changed before I wake up Isaac for school.
Our family feels so blessed! We're so thankful that this pregnancy and delivery went so well. I feel really great and our family is really happy. It certainly helps that we had meals brought in from wonderful friends and neighbors for a full week! We were certainly spoiled and we are so grateful. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers in our behalf.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Good News & the Bad News

The Bad News: I've been missing my keys since Friday.

The Good News: I found them this morning in my jacket.

The Bad News: When I got out to my mailbox, my federally assigned mailbox key was missing from the ring.

The Good News: I found the key in my jacket pocket on a loose ring.

The Bad News: I went out to the mailbox and found my slot empty...since today is Columbus day and all.

The Good News: I had a good laugh at myself. I hope you're laughing too.