Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the Light Turns On

After church we like to try and have the kids give us a recap about what they learned during Primary over dinner. Isaac was happy to share that he learned about 4 ways to communicate, "Ya know, revolution, computer, telephone and letters."

That's when Jeremiah and I gave each other blank stares, stifled laughter and then turned to Isaac, asking in unison, "Revolution?"

"Yeah, ya know...revolution?" He asks with a look of "DUH" streaming out of his eyeballs.

So Jeremiah asked, "Can you give me an example of revolution?"

Isaac, getting annoyed, pointed up and said, "Jesus!"

That's when the answer, and the irony, hit us both...REVELATION!


gammie said...

You need to send that into the church news, Ensign, or something. Just too funny!

Kari said...

LOL, duh!

Alisha said...

I think you should start a movement for revolution and revelation to be used interchangeably. That is awesome.