Monday, October 12, 2009

The Good News & the Bad News

The Bad News: I've been missing my keys since Friday.

The Good News: I found them this morning in my jacket.

The Bad News: When I got out to my mailbox, my federally assigned mailbox key was missing from the ring.

The Good News: I found the key in my jacket pocket on a loose ring.

The Bad News: I went out to the mailbox and found my slot empty...since today is Columbus day and all.

The Good News: I had a good laugh at myself. I hope you're laughing too.


Alisha said...

Glad to hear everything's working now that you're done with the pregnancy. What's your excuse now?

K said...

Hooray! I used to relish my time alone when I would walk to the mailbox. Don't tell the kids the mail doesn't come on Sunday, okay?

Audrey said...

I totally had that happen to me just barely! But fortunately I hadn't been looking for them for a whole weekend.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a hand full of loose keys.

What a relief that you found them....all!