Thursday, December 09, 2010

You Had To Be There

I really need to update my blog. But first I have to see if Katie has updated hers. I love her writing!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fun Friends

Sometimes it's funny how friends come to be. I have this friend Barbara and we have been neighbors for 3 years. We were friendly and served in the same church presidency for a while but were never really good friends. Then we both got pregnant. For both of us it was our fourth child, and for each of us it was our 3rd boy and we were both a little disappointed that we wouldn't be buying pink.
Jeremiah was Barbara's family's home teacher during and after our pregnancies. After he'd come home from visiting with them he'd say, "You and Barbara should get together, you have lot in common right now." I didn't know what to make of that because, at the time, I was still extremely hormonal and may have heard, "She's miserable and not at all fun to be around either."

I'm not sure who made the first step, but over time, she and I have become good friends. We laugh (at ourselves, mostly), text, and if it weren't for the sidewalk between our homes there would certainly be a worn path from one doorstep to the other. Not only have she and I become friends but our families have as well. We enjoy getting together as families and sharing dinner, playing games and letting the kids interact.Even our babies do well together (although in this picture it certainly looks like Hewitt is diabolically plotting against his playmate.) Funny how these two boys, born 10 days apart, brought two families together.


I'm far too late posting about Kenley's birthday. She and Hewitt shared a party at the park with friends, cousins and grandparents. Kenley wanted "all mine friends" to be there, which meant all her cousins. I have to say that I'm so thankful that if Kenley can't have a sister that at least she has fun female cousins with feminine influence. Don't they look like trouble fun?

All her birthday wishes (and more) were granted as she opened several gifts. She was sufficiently spoiled and very appreciative as I helped her write out thank you notes for all who attended. (Although I was just as late delivering said notes as posting about her birthday. Meh.)

We also had a birthday dinner for her at our house on her birthday.

Kenley loves chocolate and requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

She has adopted a widow in our ward and insisted that she be there for her birthday. She calls her Grandma and prays for her every night. And if the rest of us forget her in our prayers we are abruptly reminded and chastened.
We were unable to find any birthday candles after the birthday party so Jeremiah lit matches. He's handy in pinch, that one.

Kenley has been such a blessing in our lives. I look at her beautiful little face and sometimes I just can't believe she's my daughter. She's so precious and fun and we couldn't imagine life without her.
Love you Kenley!