Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Over-inflated Sense of Accomplishment? Perhaps...

Last night I had a dream about my upcoming 10K mud run.  In my dream I never actually ran.  I more or less traveled through a fun house of mind games and puzzles set in a Harry Potter-like castle.  Just before I awoke I was trying to fix a hole I'd poked in a bouncy house with my uncle as my mentor.

I've been hoping that adrenaline and the promise of fun will fuel me for the duration of the run.  However, after dreaming that it would include bravely walking before live, cast-iron pigs that may or may not have been waiting to see if I could tell which two were identical (seriously, my dreams could be a book on their own), I've decided I might need to do some actual training.

I am not a runner.  Sprinting is okay, but I've never done it competitively, unless you count the back-yard races I sometimes arrange with young children just so that I can win.  (I need that boost sometimes, don't judge.)  So instead of jarring my brain with the impact of running first thing in the morning I chose to go for a bike ride.  Yes, I know it's totally different but since I don't exercise much now I just wanted to get started doing something physical. I also wanted something that would help me build endurance.

My goal as I set out was to go for about a 5 mile ride.  But as I left the neighborhood I thought that was kind of a lazy goal.  Deciding to keep that distance, I told myself I had to pedal the entire ride...without switching gears.  (It's kind of sad how specific I have to be with myself because if I leave myself a loophole, I'll find it.)

I can't really tell you how I felt while I rode.  For the first mile or so I was mostly concerned about traffic, but once I got out into the country I kind of just checked out.  Fortunately my legs pedaled on without my being aware of it.  I don't really remember feeling fatigue at any point.  I did however realize that it isn't exercise I dislike, it's the impact, which explains my aversion to running.  Seems the Law of Inertia is a better workout partner for me than the Law of Gravity.

I had to laugh when I finally pedaled into my driveway and dismounted my bike because it was as if my legs had forgotten how to walk.  I had to take a short walk around my cul-de-sac before going inside just so my thighs could remember the motion.  Hats off to you triathaloners.

I know that for many others my workout today would be considered a drop in the bucket.   But for me it was about setting a goal for my personal growth.  And Ta-Da!  I did it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Once Upon a Time We Had a Reunion

It was a while ago and it was fun.
The End