Monday, June 27, 2011

Around the House

Here are a few of the plants that I've been enjoying at my house.


Purple Robe Locust - Love, love, love this tree!



Bearded Iris

Double Columbine

I've enjoyed the sweat of my brow!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All the Small Things

Jack has started playing t-ball. Wait...scratch that. We paid for him to play t-ball but Jack heard it was 2 hours a week of sitting in the dirt looking for bugs and doing the potty dance in the infield. It's okay though, he's four and apparently some of the other parents paid for their kids to do somersaults and throw dirt at the opposing team. T-ball - it's versatile.


I think Isaac's going crazy being home. He's used to school where there is always something to and the day is very regimented and I think it's driving him crazy that we don't do that at home. Consequently, he wants to spend his day playing the Wii or computer and watching TV because that's all he can think to do. He has, however, been a star about doing his chores. His room has been kept very neat and he's been willing to get his chores done without much nagging on my part. I've just got to be better about helping him find things to do.


Last night Kenley walked up to me with a small, hand-held massager and said, "I got your 'sabotager', now I'm going to sabotage you!" What a silly!


Hewitt won 3rd place in his age division in a coloring contest! My mother-in-law brought over pictures for the kids to color for a contest @ work. Hewitt takes his coloring pretty seriously. He gets his face close to the pictures and makes small, deliberate markings on specific areas. He even holds the crayons correctly. He received a large, white 3rd place ribbon and a $10, WalMart gift card for his prize! What a kid!