Monday, May 11, 2015

To Jack, On Your Eighth Birthday

Or thereabouts.

I'm going to be honest Jack, I'm not sure what to say to you.  You have changed so much in this last year that I almost wonder if I birthed twins; one of which I raised until age 7 only to be switched with the other child that I feel you've become.  Not long ago I wrote about my concern for you.  Now I feel like you are my first child to "get it."

When you come home from school you're very good about doing your homework and chores before you ask to play with friends.  You're the only child in the house who regularly wakes up to his own alarm clock and it's not unusual for me to get up in the morning to find you dressed and sitting at the table eating the breakfast you've prepared for yourself.  (Granted, it's either cereal or toast, but your older brother lies on the couch waiting to be served and your sister stays in bed until I drag her out most days.) 

You are by far my most social child.  I don't think there's a day that you don't ask to play with a friend or they ask to play with you.  Our doorbell is constantly being rung on your account.  You seem to be a good friend to the kids in the neighborhood and it was fun to see you surrounded by them at your birthday party. 

While I am grateful for it, I find it highly comical that one of your favorite people is your primary teacher, Sid.  Every time you get a hold of you father's mobile phone you start a text conversation with him.  He's been a good friend to you and I think it makes him feel pretty special to be admired by you as well.

You're a funny kid.  Your humor is generally natural and without pretense.  Often your manner is more amusing to me than anything.  You like to play it cool and nonchalant; although you may not be fooling as many as you think.

This also goes for your attitude.  You like to appear tough on the outside, but really you're a caring kid who still loves to have his back and belly scratched before going to bed at night.  When I have babies at the house I can always tell when you play with them because you love to make them laugh and smile.

This birthday was of special importance because you were able to be baptized.  Given how funny you can be - and also how differently you've behaved in the past - I've been pleasantly surprised at how seriously you took this ordinance.  At your interview with the bishop he gave a you remembrance book for your baptism.  That book was proudly displayed by you to everyone who came to our house after you received it.  You've taken the time to record memories and moments from your baptism in your book, making you the only child so far to not leave it blank.

I really, truly love you Jack.  Your crooked smile melts my heart and I love looking into your big, hazel eyes.  You are a blessing in my life and important to our family.

Happy birthday, you little stinker.
Love, Mom