Thursday, September 17, 2009

He's a Laugh a Minute

The other night Isaac wanted me to lay down by him before he went to sleep. Jeremiah and I had been to the hospital the night before because I'd had a false alarm with the baby. So Isaac and I were talking about when the baby really will come. I should have written this down sooner, because I can't really remember how the conversation went. All I remember is how it ended.

Isaac wanted to make sure that I could make it to the hospital as soon as I thought the baby was coming. When I assured him that I could he replied, "Good, 'cause we don't want all that gunk on our floor."


Lindsey Lou said...

Gwen, congrats on the baby (I haven't had the internet in a long time), anyhow good luck with everything and it is good to see what you all are up to. Your kids are as cute as ever.

K said...

What a stinker!