Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting to Know the Kids

Katie did this for her kids and I thought it was a great way to take a little snapshot of each of my kids. (Sorry for the post piracy, Kate.)

1. Something you do well.
I: "Eating mac & cheese"
K: "Four"
J: *Tugs at ear & yells*

2. Something you wish you could do better.
I: "Helping Jack"
K: "Happy"
J: *Pats table*

3. Your favorite food.
I: "Mac & cheese again"
K: "Mac & cheese"
J: *blinks*

4. 3 words that tell about you.
I: "Silly, goofy & happy"
K: "One, I'm two, three"
J: *Yells, puts fist in mouth & whines*

5. What makes you happy?
I: "Because you always just let me do good things"
K: "Three"
J: *Makes noises while pressing wrist to mouth*

6. The most important thing in your life right now.
I: "" (I appreciate that it was in the form of a question.)
K: "Three"
J: "ma ma ma ma" (SERIOUSLY!)

7. Your favorite movie.
I: "Aristocats!"
K: "Tats!"
J: *grins*

8. Your favorite book.
I: "Spider likes matching pairs" (He can read it by himself)
K: "Dog book"
J: *blank stare*

9. Your favorite thing.
I: "You making mac & cheese"
K: "Princess"
J: *scratches head and sighs*

10. Your favorite place to go.
I: "Grandma & Grandpa B's"
K: "Dora, Boots"
J: *Makes noises while pressing wrist to mouth*

11. Your favorite thing to draw.
I: "Scribbles"
K: "A washcloth"
J: *Bites fingers*

12. Something you want for Christmas.
I: "Two more 'Engine' Turtles"
K: "Crackers"
J: *bites thumb*

13. Your favorite color.
I: "Red & White"
K: "Mommy & Orange"
J: *smiles & rubs eyes*

14. What do you like to play?
I: "Like, shooting" (N64)
K: "Hullabaloo"
J: *cries*

15. What do you like to do when it's raining?
I: "Just stay home"
K: "Two"
J: *rubs eyes*

16. Your favorite animal:
I. "Ooh! That would be a elephant!"
K: "Bear"
J: *rubs nose and gazes across table*


Katie said...

Your Isaac is such a smarty-pants.

tammy said...

What a fun idea! It would be fun to do it about every year (if you could remember) and see what has changed.

Gammie said...

Sounds like the kids are getting a steady diet of "mac & cheese". Glad you're looking out for their nutritional needs. My kids survived on can draw your own conclusions on that one.


No computer for him!


Gwen said...

In my defense, I interrogated the kids at lunch time so Mac & Cheese was fresh on their mind. Plus it was WHOLE GRAIN mac & cheese, so there!