Thursday, March 16, 2006

Foreign Language - "Kenley" - 101

Kenley has developed her communication skills and speaks in a rare and complex dialect of baby talk. It begins by sounding a lot like other babies - "Aaaah". And then it turns into a very throaty growl. Next her lips press together to form a raspberry and she tops it all off with the appearance of her tongue. All movements are very fluid as each one flows into the next seamlessly. (Try it, it's not so easy!)

All steps of this process are continually repeated making one think that she is simply saying the same word over and over. However, we believe that releasing varying amounts of saliva could be the differentiating factor between words. Also, eyebrows must be raised and lowered throughout. I can only imagine the profound thoughts my 5-month old is trying to convey, but as I said, it's very complex.


Katie said...

She is so cute in those stripes!

Gina said...

where did you get her photos done? TOO CUTE!
Next month we are getting Liam's 6 mo ones done at

Gwen said...

We usually get out photos at JC Penney.