Sunday, March 12, 2006

Too tough

I remember as a child that I would watch the same movie over and over until I had every single line and song memorized. Now that I'm a mother I realize how truly annoying that must have been!

Isaac seems to choose a new favorite every week or so. And he too wants to watch it several times daily. This week's top pick is Cinderella.

Now some mothers might get a little concerned that their two-year old boy is so into a Disney Princess movie, but I'm not worried. He mans it up by calling it "Cinda-gorilla."


Katie said...

Man, your Isaac is such a funny guy.

Mackowiak said...

Cinda-gorilla? I hate to say, it's still not manly enough. Why don't the people who make kids toys get together and make a show that would be okay for children of both genders to watch? How many times when we were kids did we hope that G.I. Joe would kick Ken's butt and start dating Barbie? Now that's a movie.