Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cast Him In to the Dark Ages

Tomorrow is the first day of literacy week and although Isaac loves to read he is also very fond of playing electronic games.  All of my boys love them so much in fact that we've had to turn the Wii into a weekend privelege.  That has become a privelege to which they truly look forward.

The advent of literacy week has sent Isaac into a tailspin.  Apparently he was on track to conquer Lego Batman 2 this weekend and with literacy week comes the challenge to abstain from TV and video games.  He left for school in tears this morning at the realization that his video gaming would be delayed for a WHOLE WEEK!

He renewed the topic when he got home from school.  Isaac's spirit had sunk even lower upon learning that the lamp for our TV burnt out this morning bringing on the whole sad affair one day early.  When he told me that iPads were included in the challenge it got to be more an he could bear.  I told him that it wouldn't be all that bad for him to have a week away from electronics to which he responded, "Can we still use our alarm clocks or do we have to buy a rooster?"

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