Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Jeremiah's parents purchased us a swing set and set it up for us over the weekend. Isaac and Kenley have really enjoyed it and tonight I told Isaac that he should write them a thank you note. He agreed and here's as much of his dictation as I could keep up with.

Dear Nana and Papa,
Thank you for the swing set and you will like me. And if you don't want to like me, that's okay. You could very, very like me if you want to. If you really like me you could write a "you're welcome note" to me.

Thank you for everything and I love you. And if you love me you should write me a "you're welcome note." And if you don't want to then I'll be sad. So you should do it.

And I love you very much. And if you don't want to that's okay. You can be anything. You could even wear a costume.

If you want to be rude to me then punch me. But that would be rude, so don't punch me. (Note from scribe: I have no idea where that came from.)

You're a good grandpa and grandma to me.


If you want to be nice to me then that's okay.

What a silly kid!


K.C. said...

Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!! I was, and still am, laughing so hard that I am going to pee my pants! I have tears streaming down my face! I am seriously considering waking Evens up to read this! I love Isaac!

Katie said...

He's so stinkin' funny!

seantam00 said...

What fun! I love how he "sutilly" hints that he would like a "your welcome" letter back! Very cute!

Uncle Ryan said...

You guys need to come over to Boise more often. That kid cracks me up. Our kids are out of the "cute" stage, and into the "Carter, put that down before you burn your eyeballs out of your head" stage.