Thursday, March 27, 2008


Mr. Jack is walking. He's still in his Frankenstein phase and often falls, but it's official. He stands up in the middle of the floor unassisted and takes those few steps with confidence. Even though he doesn't walk too far at one time, he's very pleased with himself...and so am I.

He's also said his first word - "Uh-oh." I guess he also says "Mama" and "Dada" but he doesn't associate them with anything. But he's got "uh-oh" down. This morning I found him scavenging through the bathroom garbage can. I said, "Jack! No!" in my stern voice, to which he repeatedly replied, "Uh-oh. Uh-oh." I'm sure he was trying to convince me it was an accident.


Speaking of words, Isaac's had a few interesting interpretations/pronunciations of words lately. While Blue's Clues was on the TV the other day they were playing with Magenta. Isaac excitedly informed me, "Blue's writing an note to Vagenta!" After I regained consciousness from laughing to death, I corrected him.

Also he was talking about an election - I have no idea why - but instead of "election" he said "erection." Jeremiah was quick to correct him on that one....

Are you sensing a theme?


Kate asked a few days ago on her blog what I would spend money on if I had any to spend. Yesterday, while blog surfing, I found this post. I absolutely fell in love with this laundry room! My laundry room is in the basement, which is not finished. If I had the money I would finish the basement. My laundry room is fairly large and I envision it as a storage space as well. I would put in some large tile for the floor and shelves for food storage around the perimeter. I have created in my mind a multi-functional folding/laundry table with enough gadgets to rival a Swiss Army knife.

In the other room in the basement I'd like to put in a den/library. I'd like a built in desk and built in bookshelves. I'd like track lighting in the ceiling and a sleeper sofa in case we ever need an extra bed for non-existent guests.
I'd also pay for a gym membership and a hot personal trainer - because, let's be honest, if there's no food or hot guys involved, I'm probably not interested.

I have to admit that the ways I would spend money are not quite as classy as Kate's dream-purchases. But I'd probably also plan a great family vacation to make some memories for my sheltered, underexposed kids.


While I'm talking about money, I went to Target Tuesday night and spent $50 on summer clothes for Kenley. I didn't even look for anything for Isaac, in spite of the fact that his birthday is in 3 weeks. No excuse other than girls' clothes are more fun to buy. I bought 2T shorts and 3T shirts because I wanted the shorts to stay on her little bum and I wanted the shirts to fit for a long time. In retrospect, that was stupid. Now her shirts are going to be long and cover her shorts. In which case I should have just bought 4T shirts and called them dresses for the next two years.

Don't feel bad for Isaac though he's getting a red bike for his birthday and some other great gifts...that have not yet been purchased...or decided.

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tammy said...

That is so fun that Jack is walking. I love watching the little milestones of babies. Things you don't even think of when other do it you get so excited when these little people finally accomplish/fingure out how to do them.