Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Best Man

So my husband is freakin' awesome. And I mean A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I've kind of been mopey lately, not sure why, other than I'm a female with hormones. Anyway, I really haven't had anything to complain about, the kids have been pretty well behaved and all our needs are met and stuff like that. Still, I've kind of been sad.

Last night after putting the kids to bed Jeremiah called me downstairs. He had some comfy pajamas ready for me and propped me on the couch with a pillow, under a blanket. He put on one of my favorite movies - Just Like Heaven (a comedic chick-flick) - pulled my feet out from under the blanket and started filing them using the Ped Egg. After that he gave me a nice long foot rub. It was so relaxing and such a sweet gesture of TLC.

I think I'll do something nice for him too. Who knows, I may go crazy and actually cook dinner tonight!

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Caroline said...

such a sweet husband :P There must be something in the air...or planetary alignments, I don't know...I just know so many women (including myself) who have just felt mopey lately and all for no apparent reason.