Monday, November 30, 2009

The Trickle-Down Tomboy Effect

Ok, so I spent a lot of time around family this weekend and 1 thing I noticed is that my daughter is not very girly. I watched her play with her girl cousins, some of whom will rarely wear anything but a skirt. And at one point one of my neices was terribly distraught over the fact that her dress was not twirly enough. I give Kenley credit for just knowing what a dress is!

I guess it was destined to happen. I am the single female out of 7 children and I have a long way to go on the being a lady front. And I'm her main femenine influence. The odds are stacked against her. But I know one thing that could really help! The Polka Dot Daisy is having another fantastic giveaway with adorable, Christmas GIRLY accessories!

I am especially in love with the Peppermint tutu and think it could work wonders as I try to teach Kenley how to effectively twirl. There may be hope for us yet!


Chapmans23 said...

good luck, I hope you win the contest with the polka dot daisy. Kenley will look adorable!

tammy dixon said...

those are super cute things at polka dot daisy and very girly. Good luck! Kenley is such a cutie, even with the tomboy influence :)

Goldie said...

I also grew up with the dual nature of either fighting with my brother, or playing with stuffed animals and dolls. It's good to have a multi-faceted personality!