Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She Has a Point

"Want some cinnamon toast for breakfast?"

"No, I already got mine cereal and bowl."

"But honey, we're out of milk."

"That's okay. We can just make some milk."

"No, we can't. We have to buy it."


"Because milk comes from cows. We don't have a cow, so we have to buy our milk."

"Soooo...let's buy a cow."

It makes sense, really. But I wasn't going cattle shopping for a single bowl of cereal.


Scott said...


Why not buy a cow? Can't you keep your daughter up to date with the latest social accessory?? Your own personal milk machine??

What kind of mom are you?

tammy dixon said...

I love little kids logic. It totally make sense :)

Goldie said...

I recently made a similar request to my husband, but I've found that growing coffee plants in the Midwest isn't possible without a greenhouse and a staff to tend to them. :(