Monday, February 28, 2011

(Bad) Job Well Done

Look at this cute little guy, all relaxed and sleeping in his crib. Laid out on a plush pillow-pet, covered in a nice flannel blanket. He wore himself out, that's for sure.
Did you notice he's in a button-down shirt? Yeah, that's because this is what happened right after we came home from church last week. This is his well-earned, much-needed nap after two and a half hours of being a B.E.A.S.T. at church.

All through Sacrament Meeting he was unhappy to be touched, held, looked at or breathed on. He spent about 10 minutes with me in class during Sunday School before laying on the floor in a massive fit about who knows what. We spent the rest of our time searching for a room in which he could be occupied and entertained; the nursery, the mother's room, the hallway, the foyer and, when the time came, Relief Society. Each room was more upsetting than the last (although I'm not sure which of us was more upset.) Finally, feeling like I wasn't getting anything out of church that day and that we would disrupt any group we tried to join I finally strapped the little stinker in his car seat and drove him home. He fell asleep before we even made it into our neighborhood.
When I laid him in his crib this is the position he assumed. He sure has it rough.


Alisha said...

Hey, it is rough being the youngest sibling. (I know from experience.)

Adrienne said...

I hear ya! Going through the same with Oliver and 1 pm church. Most days we come home before the 3 hour block is over....both of us in tears.