Wednesday, April 15, 2015

To Isaac, On Your Twelfth Birthday

Ask any parent and they'll tell you that time seems to go by faster each year their children grow.  My theory is that we always remember the moment our child came into the world. It is so imprinted on our hearts and crystallized in our memories that it seems it could have happened only a moment ago.  It then seems impossible that twelve years have passed since you entered this life.

When I was expecting you, my aunt, Pat, told me how wonderful it was to have a baby in May, because that's when you were due.  She told of how nice it was to have a little baby in tow as the world outside was fresh with new flowers and sunlight streaming in through the window; she painted a lovely picture.  But, you see, she lives in California, not good ol' Idaho.  And then you decided to come early.  The day you were born there were giant, wet snowflakes gliding to the ground out the hospital windows.  Interestingly, there have only been a couple of your birthdays since then that haven't also brought snow.

You are one intelligent boy.  You came into this world seeing adults as your peers and have always behaved accordingly.  Consequently, many adults love you.  Over the years the primary teachers at church have commented on how well spoken you are and your future leaders tell me they can't wait to have you.  You're school teachers love you, they even negotiated a trade from fifth-grade to sixth-grade over which of them got to have you in their class.  Although you are bright and get along well with adults you have no problem making friends your own age.

A big part of your friendships has to do with your personality and sense of humor.  You and your friends share jokes and puns, create Lego structures, and build in virtual games.  You love to laugh, and up until a years or so ago, would sit at the dinner table and say, "Comedy, anyone?"  It is no coincidence that Isaac means "laughter" or "he will laugh."  We love your humor, especially when it is impromptu and witty.  Recently you have enjoyed reading Garfield comic books and then trying to include their antics in our life at home.  Just a couple of weeks ago you awarded Hewitt an invisible trophy for his gullibility.

You are an avid reader. While I was at the school for a book fair I told a friend I couldn't keep enough books in the house for you.  The school librarian happened to be nearby and interjected, "I can't keep enough books in the library for Isaac!"  Your reading level currently topped out the testing criteria, placing you at a college reading level (for the last two years.)  However high your abilities, you've been wise in the books you choose, selecting books within your maturity range.  Dad and I have suggested several books for you to read, but unless they're required for school, you prefer to choose your own material, often opting for fantasy and science fictions books.

This birthday is special for you as you will be eligible to receive the priesthood.  You've been preparing and it's gratifying as your mother to see your excitement and willingness to take on this responsibility.  You have a desire to do what is right that I hope will strengthen as you continue to progress in this life.  Dad and I are thankful that despite your intelligence you have remained teachable. You are a special young man with divine potential.  We hope that as we guide you and are here for you that you will realize who you are and what you were sent here to do.  We love you so much, Isaac.  Happy birthday.

Love, Mom & Dad

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