Monday, December 04, 2006

Can Someone Tell Santa Where to Shop?

This year I've been asking Isaac what he would like for Santa Claus to bring him for Christmas. I thought that he was getting old enough that he could give me a solid answer and I expected something along the lines of "Batman toys and Ninja Turtles."

Instead, I was surprised when he answered, "chocolate doors." I thought it was a kind of funny answer and that he was just being silly, but he has stuck to that answer. He's been telling everyone that he would like chocolate doors for Christmas, although he's unable to really explain what he means.

So I hope that the other array of Christmas gifts outweigh Isaac's want for chocolate doors. Or that Hershey's comes out with the item on Christmas Eve.


Katie said...

Maybe he means one of those advent calendars where you open a little door to find a piece of chocolate behind it?

Gwen said...

Could be, I just don't know where he would have seen one of those.