Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

Another round of Isaacisms...

As Jeremiah stood brushing his teeth in the bathroom last night Isaac walked in just babbling. Realizing someone was in there he looked up and stated, "I'm just talking to myself, you don't have to listen to me."

Later as Isaac was getting ready for bed he tried to stall as he excitedly exclaimed, "I have an idea! I have and idea!" He was so animated that I couldn't help but asked what this grand idea was. His answer? "How about I go potty, I don't go to bed, I eat some...ideas, and put on a cape!" I'm pretty sure he got talking and didn't really know where he was going with it.


I put together little candle gifts for friends and neighbors yesterday. Isaac inquired what I was doing and when I told him he said, "What friends?"


And here is Isaac's letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,
Where do you live? I like to do dot-to-dots. I have a sister Kenley. I have reindeer. Snow and Christmas tree with a star on it. I shared ribbons with Kenley. We are a family. I just want to play dot-to-dot.

I love Isaac.

I asked him several times if he wanted to ask Santa Claus to bring him presents or toys for Christmas and his reply was always a polite, "No, thank you." I'm sure that by next year he'll be ready for the greed of asking a magical man in a red suit for anything and everything he sees. But this year it was all I could get him to do to actually sit at the table and dictate a letter. He basically looked all around the room and gathered inspiration from the Christmas tree, a nearby coloring and activity book, curly ribbon and our family picture.

I love how he "signed" it. I told him that if I were writing a letter to him I would write, "Dear Isaac, blah blah blah, Love, Mom" and did he want to sign his letter to Santa, "Love, Isaac." You can see how he chose to sign off.

I sure love that kid!


Kik said...

"what friends?" LOL, what a little punk! He is too funny. Sounds like he's learning a bit of sarcasm from his mom, eh? ;)

Gammie said...

What a kid! He's a miniature adult! Love that boy!