Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Almost For Sale

We are planning to move this summer and so every day I look at this house and think, "I really need to take care of that so that the house is more marketable." Here is my ever-growing list of things to do before we sell the house:

1. Clean tile floor in kitchen so that I can see the actual color of grout.
2. Buy grout and patch around tiles that we replaced over a year ago recently.
3. Seal tile in kitchen.
4. Replace trim around doorway in kitchen.
5. Finish spackling baseboard in bathroom and paint.
6. Replace broken garage door. (This one is actually already done, but I felt I should include it.)
7. Replace entry door and install new deadbolt and handle.
8. Re-caulk around window casing in the shower.
9. Pull everything off the walls and spackle all holes.
10. Move halfway out of my house so that it appears larger than it is.
11. Take down ceiling fan blades and clean them.
12. Dust all the blinds on the windows.
13. Clean the yard really well and maintain it.
14. Rid all the walls of chocolate milk splatters.
15. Shampoo carpets to remove chocolate milk stains, orange juice stains and other mysterious patches of nonconformity.
16. Hope some California investor buys the house sight-unseen.

By the way, does anyone know the rules for selling your own home? Do you write up your own contract and stuff or what?


Katie said...

I know that you can buy the contracts to sell your home at office supply stores. Pull out the one you used when you bought the house and see how it compares. Your house is darling, and I don't think you'll have any trouble moving it at all.

Caroline said...

How much is it to go through a realtor? Where are you moving? A bigger house obviously, with number of kids going up to three by the summer :) Your house is really cute though...and it's a nice neighborhood (from what I could tell :P), shouldn't be much trouble selling it

Kik said...

My trusty realtor of a husband knows all about it! Feel free to give him a call, he'd be glad to help you with any questions. (You can get his # from Katie if you want it.)

How fun to be moving to a new home!

My one tip for cleaning your grout--use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. You'll wear through them pretty easily because it's a tough surface, but nothing cleans grout better (well, that I've tried anyway). Good luck with your list!