Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Extending the Vocab

Kenley is starting to really add to her vocabulary. She will say "wow" whenever she deems the occasion merits and she loves to grab a doll - or ninja turtle, spiderman or other action figure, sometimes even a pen - and walk around with it up to her shoulder, patting it on the back, and repeat "beh-bee, beh-bee."

The other morning she put together her first two words, "buhsh eesh" while pointing to her mouth and it was fairly evident that she wanted to brush her teeth. I was quite impressed not only because it was her first two-word sentence, but that she is also so hygiene-conscious.

Then she surprised me further when she was getting down from her booster seat at the dinner table. I reached out my arm to offer her help and she looked at me with such authority and said, "Dohn duiht." (Don't do it) Obviously my services are no longer needed...

She still just points and says "dat" a lot, but at least some of her words are coming along. It won't be long before I'll wonder why she just can't be quiet.

P.S. She pooped in the potty the other day, too, so we were all excited about that. Does anyone know where to find underwear for a 19 pound shorty?


Katie said...

I googled toddler underwear and found a lot of sites like Kohl's that carry them in 2T-3T. They'll probably be a little big still---but I guess it's better than changing diapers! Way to go Kenley!

I miss your kids. I wanna come see you soon---I'm bringing you a double stroller and something else I can't remember. Ideas???

Thresa said...

Hi! You don't know me. I just started my own blog (well fairly new) and did a random look at the "next blog" and yours came up. I'm looking for ideas and was just browsing and saw that you have a daughter named Kenley. I'm from NC and have a daughter named "Kenleigh"! My oldest son actually named her...I thought he made it up! But turns out it is a 'real' name. She was supposed to be a Lily, but my husband changed his mind after she was born! She is 17 months old...from your post I'm guessing yours is about the same age. I have two older children. Jared, almost 7 and Isaac, soon to be 5 on the 18th. That struck my eye as well b/c I think I read you have a son named Isaac! Neat huh?
Anyways, thought I'd comment. Feel free to visit my blog. I mainly use it to post pictures of my children:)