Friday, January 25, 2008

I'll Take Silly Traditions for $1000

Jeremiah loves to watch Jeopardy. He loves it so much that he records it everyday (DVR is a great invention) and we try to watch it before we head off to dreamland. I thought it was kind of corny at first, recording it and then watching it together. But it's kind of fun.

Jeremiah is very intelligent academically and I seem to be pretty current on pop-culture - we generally answer about the same number of questions. One thing we didn't expect to happen was a silly contest that has little to do with the game. We noticed that each day, after Final Jeopardy, the commercials always seem to be the same ("promotional consideration provided by...") Now when Jeopardy is over, we pause it and guess what commercials will be next. The most recent advertisements include RenewIn, Gold Bond foot powder, denture adhesive, Aspercream and Icy hot. (That alone should tell us that we are not the demographic targeted by those at Jeopardy.) Every once in a while we're surprised by some other ad that we just didn't see coming!

As I said, it's kind of silly, but the night hardly seems complete without it. Besides, if you can't be silly with your spouse, who else is there?


Caroline said...

I was wondering if you could give me the ages of all those sister was asking me if any of the nieces and nephews are about Gabrielle's age, and I can't keep track of all those little kids :P

Anonymous said...

We are ALL Jeopardy fans and watch every night too! The kids (David and Sarah) are pretty good at the college stuff, and I'm not too bad, if I can say so myself. We hurry thru dinner, so we can sit down and watch it together. It's so nice to have family time with them now that they are all in their 20's. Aunt Cheryl

Brianna said...

How fun! My hubby and I watch CSI every night. Great way to unwind!