Friday, April 11, 2008

When Moms Get in Trouble

Kenley has a bit of an attitude. Generally she's very sweet, but, frankly, she can be a beast. She likes to antagonize Isaac and then when he retaliates she storms off with the threat, "I tell Mommy." (A method that doesn't really work for her because I'm usually within earshot and am already wondering why Isaac has tolerated her as long as he has.)

Last night our family congregated in the family room just before bedtime. Jeremiah and I sat tiredly on the couch as the kids ran circles around us. Kenley pulled out her doll stroller, with which wasted no time mowing down Jack. I promptly took the stroller away from her, which did not set well with her. She noticed the phone laying on the floor, picked it up, threatened, "I tell Nana!"

Classic Kenley

(in which I claim no resemblance)


Gammie said...

Well, you certainly underestimate the impact you have on the lives of those around you. You have already surpassed any parenting skills that I ever had. It's fun to watch you "reason" with your children rather than yell at them (like YOUR mother did)! And my day is just not complete until I hear from my sweet daughter.

I know you feel chained to the house and to the little darlin's that you gave birth to, but (not to be cliche), just remember "to everything there is a season." Just think back to those lonely days (pre-Jeremiah), when all you wanted was a good husband, family, and a home of your own. You have those things now. The trick is finding a good balance between all the demands on you--and finding some time for Gwennie Girl.

You're an amazing young woman Gwen. You have the rare ability to do anything you want to do...and you do it WELL! Just keep your eyes open for that one task that brings your great joy and fulfillment. It will come. It took me years to find mine, but it continues to bring me a lot of satisfaction and joy. You just have to find your niche.

Love you TONS dear daughter. Hang in there. My life would be SO SO SAD without you.


seantam00 said...

I love it when they are sure they will get you in trouble by telling grandma. It always makes me want to laugh but of course you shouldn't, that just seems to make them mad.

K said...

I love your mom! She's so wise. That Kenley is a ham...and so much like her mom! She is so full of life---nobody will ever be able to keep her down. When she learns to use her powers for good, she will be a force to be reckoned with. :)

I tagged you on my blog. Come check it out.