Wednesday, May 07, 2008

April Was a Blur

So much happened last month. I had every intention of blogging each event individually, but it all happened so fast! We had Jeremiah's, Isaac's and Jack's birthday parties, Kenley took a trip to the emergency room, Jeremiah's aunt, uncle and cousin visited from Cali, Jeremiah helped his brother move, and Jeremiah and I had our 7th anniversary. All in less than 30 days!

May seems to be zipping by just as quickly. I went to Women's Conference and was gone from Wednesday until Sunday. Jeremiah and the kids joined me in Utah on Saturday where we stayed with Jeremiah's brother in his new (beautiful) home and then we had a baby blessing for our sweet niece on Sunday. We were also pleased with a "surprise" visit from another of Jeremiah's brothers and his fiance from Arizona. Monday I did nothing so that I could be well rested and wake up with the flu on Tuesday, along with Isaac, Kenley and Jack. Poor Jeremiah stayed home and cleaned up after all of us. I think we all got sick just so we'd slow it down.

I'm hoping things do slow down. I'm pretty sure April was this busy last year, and it probably always will be. But at least we had lots to celebrate, and celebrate we did!

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K.C. said...

Seriously, how did I miss ALL of that? I just asked Evens last night, isn't Jack 1 now? So, happy birthday to your boys! So sad we missed all the fun! Thanks for letting J come down to help move, and thanks for putting stuff away for me! I owe you BIG time! I hope you all feel better soon.