Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Smarty-Pants

Kindergarten, I've decided, is going to be a formality for Isaac. He's taught himself how to read and do math. I'd love to say that I've sat down with him over the course of the last few months and imparted bits of my knowledge. But the fact is, he is just smart.

I will take a little bit of credit though for encouraging him and giving him learning opportunities. We've bought some work books for him and he has games on his V-smile that have helped him learn. And I try to make games for him like making patterns with M&Ms during snack time.

I do hope that Kindergarten will help him learn how to sit still and develop some social skills. He likes to play with other kids but they generally initiate the friendship and he just goes along with it. He'd be just as happy playing computer or watching TV as he is playing with friends.

I also hope he gets a little dose of humility. Yesterday we played 'school'. He was working out of one of his workbooks. He reads the instructions to himself, completes the page and then says, "Teacher, time to 100% me!"

My sympathy already reaches out to his Kindergarten teacher.


K said...

"Time to 100% me!"

If only all our lives were like this!

Kari said...


Wow, he's going to kindergarten already?!

E&A said...

Gwen, I am pretty sure Isaac gets his "smarts" from you. I seem to remember you being called "smarty-pants" before. Alisha