Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh Yeah...I'm a Genius

I have a pie cherry tree. Last year I pulled off a couple cherries and tasted them, but I never did anything with all the cherries. The other day I was looking over my tree and thinking what a waste it was to let all the cherries just sit there so I decided to pick some and make a pie. As I brought them into the house and started to pit them I just kept thinking, "These look so much like cherry tomatoes."

DUH, Gwen! Do you think that's where cherry tomatoes got their name?

If you see my common sense, could you tell it I miss it?


E&A said...

Your common sense said you hadn't noticed it's absence for over a month. It's feelings are really hurt but it is willing to come home.

K.C. said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Thank you for making me feel good on this very bad day of mine. Seriously though, my common sense flew out the window about 9 years ago...