Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Death of a Camera

You may have noticed the lack of photos on my blog. I am mourning the loss of my camera. It died in April and I have truly missed it all summer. I'm sorry I took it for granted. Whenever I needed it I just grabbed it without bothering to ask if it was busy or if it was a good time for the camera. I supposed it killed itself just because it couldn't stand the abuse.

All too often I toggled between taking pictures and viewing them. I didn't give the camera any notice. Just flipped the switch and on I went.

Sure, I had a case for it. But did I tuck it in every night? Did I make sure it's memory card was full of happy memories? Did I keep fresh batteries on hand in case the batteries lost power? How could I not notice it's sadness?

Even now I miss it only because I wanted to take so many pictures this summer. This summer we went to Yellowstone, Oregon, Arizona...had a family reunion, went to the American Idol concert and did lots of fun things with lots of fun people. Each time I wished that my camera were there. I realize now I didn't treat it like the part of our family that it really is.

Now the world will never see the photos that would have been: Kenley and Jack doing the Mexican hat dance on my kitchen table amid a layer of Rice Krispies; the time Jack ate a chocolate chip cookie and his face looked like he lost a fight with a poopy diaper; Isaac as he climbed aboard the bus for the first time; me on the day I actually left the house before noon, showered and everything. All are now distant memories captured only in my head.

I've borrowed others' cameras, but it's just not the same.

Why me? Oh, goodness. Why?

(Anyone wishing to donate to the Shut-Up-Already-And-Buy-A-New-Camera fund is welcome to do so.)

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