Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Photos That Almost Never Were

Well, new camera donations are just pouring in. Oh wait, those aren't donations, those are Corn Flakes. Either way, I do have some pictures from this summer thanks to my mom. She let me borrow her camera even though I clearly can't even take proper care of my own.

Our family at "The Big Hole" (aka The Grand Canyon)

Isaac on his first day of school.
Kenley preparing for the baglady convention My attempt at a portrait with my "baby."
Somebody get some pants on that kid
I think they're doing the Hokey Pokey
I console Kenley after some embarrassing moves on the dance floor.


Paradise said...

Your family is darling. I love the post where Jeremiah takes good care of you! What a good husband you have!

K said...

Kenley's dress at the reception (I'm guessing) is darling! And no pants on the baby? Makes me want to squeeze him.