Wednesday, August 05, 2009


This morning Jack woke up just as Jeremiah was leaving for work. Jack is a daddy's boy and was in tears, crying, "I want to come wif you!" over and over as Jeremiah tried to get out the door. It was heartbreaking. I picked up Jack while he continued to cry, "I want to come wif Daddy!" and sat with him on the couch to try and comfort him. Isaac was also awake and walked in to the room carrying a sucker for Jack.

Isaac handed the sucker to Jack and he stopped crying immediately. His small act of kindness (and the inclusion of something sweet, I'm sure) calmed Jack far more quickly than my hugs and reassurances. It was just a sweet moment. It made me thankful that my children have siblings. I'm sure that if it had been just Jack and me he would have calmed down eventually. But I was glad to see that my children have learned, by having siblings, to think of others. Isaac thought of Jack and how to help him calm down and the smile Jack gave Isaac while he said, "Fank you!" was full of love for his big brother.

I know everyone has their own reasons for the number of children they have, or don't have, but I am so grateful for these great kids that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I've been kind of nervous about adding the 4th, but as I look at my kids I know that things will be great. Every time we add a family member it feels as though they've always been a part of the family. And when I witness those sweet moments like what happened this morning it makes me excited to welcome another of Heavenly Father's sweet spirits into our family.


Audrey said...

That IS sweet! I'm grateful for my kids as well even if they do the complete opposite and makee each other cry.

Alisha said...

Oohh. Can Genevieve share your kids as her siblings since you have it all figured out?