Sunday, January 10, 2010

About My Daughter. Wait, I Mean My Son.

My first two sons were born in April and my daughter was born in October, so when I learned I was pregnant again last February and due in October, I assumed it would be a girl. You know, just to follow the pattern. When I learned at our ultrasound that my baby was boy I teared up a little. I didn't cry, but I was a little disappointed.

I remembered wanting so badly to have a sister when I was growing up in a house overflowing with testosterone. I projected those feelings onto my own daughter, who, as of yet, seems not to care in the least degree that she is an only girl.

I got over the disappointment pretty quickly because I was just thankful to be blessed yet again with another spirit fresh from Heaven. I've since apologized to Hewitt for having been sad at learning his gender. He's been such a sweet baby and I know that no matter what I hoped or asked for, Heavenly Father sent me just what I needed.

But I couldn't help but laugh when the following message was left on our phone:

This is So-and-So from Family Doctor's office. We're calling because your insurance has denied the claim for Hewitt's circumcision because they think he is a little girl. Please call and let them know that he is a boy and we will resubmit the claim.


Kelly Martin said...

I can't even type I am laughing so hard! Aren't insurance companies the dumbest? Ours wouldn't pay for Sophie for the longest time because they refused to believe she even existed! But yours is the best so far! That is hilarious! Good luck with the circumcision on sweet Hewitt-a!

Alisha said...

Just think if you had another girl then you would have to deal with twice the really all those sweet smiles from Hewitt are a better trade off.