Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cursed Compliments

We're all sitting down to dinner the other night, which generally means the beginning of the "Just try it!" and "Sit down and eat it!" fights between my husband and the kids. This night was different, however, because Kenley began eating and said, "This is good, Mom! This is damn good."

Jeremiah and I exchange looks of surprise and ask, "What?"

Innocently, Kenley responds, "This is damn good!"

"Well thanks, Kenley...I'm glad you like it!"

Note: I let her eat a little while before telling her that a more polite way to let me know she enjoyed dinner was to say it was "super" good. She didn't get in trouble because I know she had no idea that was a swear word and I didn't want to punish her for paying me a compliment. But I really am curious where she heard the phrase.


K said...

Right now I'm really glad that we haven't been to your house in a while. It couldn't have been my family that taught her that! Dodged that bullet!

Alisha said...

Really? You are questioning the source of her learning such colorful language? She does have a point..just like that milk episode. You are a fabulous cook.

Gammie said...

Don't know where in the hell these kids pick up this stuff!

Tanielle said...

Thanks, I needed the laugh right now!!! She is adorable! Jace said something very similar at his Grandmas house when he was 3. Quite funny!:)

cannwin said...

My daughter was mad at me last night and kept slamming her door so I finally went over and took the door off at which point she said "I don't care about the damn door!"

Then she realized what she'd said and the room fell silent.

I made her write lines. An entire page front and back each of 'Swearing hurts my spirit' it was the only thing I could think of because I know she gets the word from me.

Kids are like mirrors of oneself without the rose colored tint.