Thursday, March 18, 2010

You See What I'm Up Against?

Jack has been in the process of potty forcing training for the last few weeks. Some days he does okay, other days I end up in angry and defeated tears.

This morning, so far, Jack has stayed dry, but only because I have reminded him to use the toilet and placed him on there every time I think he might need to go.

Jack was climbing the shelves of our storage room and found some single-serve Kool-Aid packets. When he asked if he could have some I told him he had to use the potty first. We went up to the bathroom and I asked if he had dry pants. He cups his hand over himself and looks at me with a sad look and says, "They're wet. I peed in them."

Because it's his first accident of the day I was able to keep it pretty cool. I gave him my best I'm-disappointed-but-it-will-be-okay look and start to think of where he might have had the accident when he perkily adds, "They're dry!" I step up to him and feel that, sure enough, they are dry.

My kid is totally playing me.

Jack-1. Mom-0.


K said...

That Jack. He's the one you're going to curse with one of his own just like him, and his poor wife will be like, "What the crap? I was such a nice kid!"

browjose said...

He'll get it either that or you will go insane and not care. Just remember there is always payback. When you are older just make sure he's the one who has to take care of you and change your diapers :0)
LOL. By the way, yes, I do believe you owe me lunch!

Audrey said...

Oh the joys of parenting. They're quick learners that for sure. Or manipulators, whatever you want to call it.