Thursday, April 08, 2010

How Sweet are Their Feet?

We had family pictures taken during Spring Break. Maybe we should have called it "Technically-Spring-But-Still-Flipping-Freezing Break." Yeah, that would have been very accurate. Our neighbor did a great job taking photos of her shivering subjects. In their individual shots you can see their little faces turning blue. Oh what we won't subject our children to in the name of preserving memories.
As cute as they are, the photographer and I both decided we'd like to go out on a warmer day (although we may have to travel to someplace tropical if we'd like to do it anytime soon) and retake some of the pics. The wind was blowing our hair in our faces and apparently Jeremiah is unable to keep his eyes open outdoors, I should have remembered that from our squinty-eyed wedding photos.


Alisha said...

Hey at least the colors/clothes look great.

Chapmans23 said...

Oh too cute! I love the little feet, cute family.

Katie said...

Those are darling pictures! I love the Let them be little one---Hewitt's feet are only moderately purple!