Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Swap

I've been a little slow getting to this post. April is a crazy month at our house and my package came on my 7-year old's birthday. I opened it, oohed and aahed at it, then put it in my room so it was out of the way for birthday activities. I almost forgot about it!

Anyway, thank you Mamamonki for the awesome package! Here's what she sent me:
1. Adorable butterfly luminary.
2. 3 yummy candles (1 is already half gone in the luminary.)
3. A little book of hugs.
4. Super awesome garden toolbelt with zinnia seeds. I'm excited about this one because I am notorious for losing things even while stationary so having a belt to keep all my gardening tools handy should be uber helpful,
5. Lovely daisy picture frame. Perfect for our new family pictures!
6. Trendy note pads and pen. I so needed these! I am so forgetful lately I need to write things down all the time.
7. Lilac lotion. Our last home was bordered in by lilacs. I so miss the smell!
8. Lilac hand soap. Mmm!

And then of course there was a sweet note to go with it all. Also, not pictured is a bird figure that I forgot to get down. It's already up on my kitchen shelf. I wasn't sure I would like it at first - I'm not much of an animal person - but I absolutely love it on my shelf!

I really enjoyed the swap. Thanks Shortmama!

(Click here to see my package to Mamamonki.)


shortmama said...

Your partner did a great job! Thanks for linking up!

MamaMonki said...

Glad you liked everything. I need to get my post up - just have to get the pictures uploaded. We're already putting all the goodies to good use... WeeMan took over the snack holder the first night.