Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I Can't Keep Up

(Obviously since it's now December and I'm just getting around to re-capping October...In my defense, I wrote this a long time ago but didn't hit post. Not sure what that does for my case, but here ya go...)

October flew by like a whirlwind! It started with Hewitt's birthday. I can't believe he's already two! I always find it difficult to shop for my kids when they're too young to ask for anything, so we gave him practical items - books, church clothes and a new fleece blanket. But a couple of days before his birthday we asked him what he'd like as a gift and he excitedly answered, "Fluffy puppy!" We passed that info onto Nana and she was more than happy to oblige, so much in fact that he got 2 fluffy puppies which he really loves. We all thought it was fun to watch Hewi open his gifts and cards. He didn't quite understand what was going on, but he did know that if he held up his spoils he got a reaction from his siblings and a few cousins. Hewitt loves to be the center of attention!October also brought with it Kenley's 6th birthday, which we actually celebrated 3 times. Her birthday was on a Wednesday but my parents invited us to go to McCall with them from Tuesday through Friday. Since Jeremiah had to work and couldn't join our vacation we had a surprise party for her on Monday night for FHE so dad could be there.

I sent her downstairs to get something out of food storage then ran and grabbed her presents, turned off the lights and told the kids to hide. I had planned to turn on the lamp on the piano once she got upstairs and yell "Surprise" but I didn't realize the lamp wasn't plugged in. Kenley came upstairs with the jar of peaches to a dark room and me pulling on the cord and everyone else laughing. It was obvious she thought we all were crazy but didn't mind too much when she realized we were having a birthday party.

Kenley also decided that our vacation with my parents was to celebrate her birthday. We had a great time in McCall. The drive took a while because my kids are unable to control their bladders on road trips but I was thankful that Gammie and Bucka were patient. We enjoyed lazing around the condo. We ventured out to the neighboring Ponderosa park where the kids, Bucka and I took a quaint hike along Lily Marsh trail. (Gammie stayed in the car with a sleeping Hewitt.) We didn't see much wildlife, just a few ducks on the pond, but we did hear the flapping of enormous wings while deep in the forest. Isaac even spotted a deer as we walked to the pool one afternoon.

We also had some friends over the day after we arrived home for cake and ice cream. Kenley wanted Hello Kitty cake pops and they were so stinkin' cute. Kenley likes to be the center of attention, although she doesn't demand it. Mostly she just smiles and tilts her head like she's shy, but we all know better.

Halloween happened in there somewhere as well. We didn't decide on costumes until the last minute. Isaac dressed as a Ninja, Kenley was a princess and Hewitt was Chewbacca from Star Wars. I honestly can't remember what Jack was because he was in costume from October 1 - November 6. He was either a Power Ranger, Buzz Lightyear, Captain America or a monkey with human legs (because that costume is 2 sizes too small!) I didn't get any pictures because I was preoccupied learning, teaching and coordinating a Thriller dance to present as a Flash Mob, which turned out to be lots of fun.

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